​​Existing Membership Pricing

Rental Pricing


  • Family:
    • Application Fee:  $75     Annual Dues:  $648       Total:  $723
  • Single/Adult Couple:
    • Application Fee:  $75     Annual Dues:  $408       Total:  $483

Payment Details:

  • Application fee and dues must be paid in full at the time of application and must be paid in full by cash, check or online prior to pool opening or coming to the pool if joining after opening date.
  • Members must enroll in the monthly payment plan or pay in full by December 31 to maintain the $648/$408 pricing for future years. Otherwise, the single payment price of $700/$450 will apply.  Monthly payments for the following swim season begin in June of the current year.

  • We offer a onetime discount of $100 for first responders and teachers with a new membership application.

  • Members on the monthly payment plan who choose to terminate their membership prior to the swim season may receive a FULL refund of payments made by contacting the Treasurer prior to April 1.​​

  • ​​​Yearly membership fees, MONTHLY payments:
    • Family:  $648 [$54 per month] June - May
    • Single/Adult Couple:  $408 [$34 per month] June-May
    • ​Members on the monthly payment plan who choose to terminate their membership prior to the swim season may receive a FULL refund of payments made by contacting the Treasurer prior to April 1.
  • Yearly membership fees, SINGLE/MULTIPLE payment(s) in full by December 31:
    • ​Family $648
    • Single/Adult Couple:$408
  • Yearly membership fees, SINGLE payment on May 1:
    • Family: $700
    • Single/Adult Couple: $450
  • ​Non-payment of membership fees by May 1:
    • Members wanting to continue their pool membership and not paying in full by May 1 will need to pay the $75 late fee on top of the $700 (family) or $450 (single/adult couple) single payment.  This means choosing to pay a total of $775 or $525 before returning to the pool.​

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​​​Membership Pricing and Information

New Membership Pricing

2017 Membership Dues must be paid on or before

May 1, 2017

(336) 544-0497

4301 Southeast School Road, Greensboro, NC, USA
  • Guests: Each membership is allowed 10 guest visits per day.

  • Passes: Guest Passes are $60 each and contain 10 guest visits and can be purchased at the pool or online.

  • Daily Guest Fees: Payable upon entrance with member, each guest costs $8.00 Monday through Thursday (if it is not a holiday) and $10.00 Friday through Sunday, as well as holidays.

​​Pool Rental: Private rental is available 8:00 pm to 11:00 pm with approved application.

  • Member Rental: $150.00 ($50 deposit required at booking)
  • Non-Member Rental: $250.00 ($50 deposit required at booking)
  • Additional charges: $10.00 per lifeguard per hour, paid separately on the night of the rental. Manager determines the number of SESC guards required. See rental application or manager for further information.